How to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery


You need to prepare well in advance for your upcoming surgery, be it reconstructive or cosmetic. Excellent preparation not only makes you ready for the operation but also gives you peace of mind and improves your recovery. You need to prepare financially, dietary and also your lifestyle as discussed below.



Be of good health when you schedule for a surgery. When healthy, there are high chances of your immune system recovering speedily. Select a period when you have enough time off from work so that you are not stressed with your job and the surgery at the same time. Not only should you have enough essential nutrients after the surgery, but also before. Take lots of Vitamin A, C, copper, zinc and selenium because they reduce chances of infection. Eat high-quality proteins such as fish, poultry and beans among others. They will help in building new tissue and blood vessels, fix injured tissue and boost the manufacture of cells that repair the wound.



Before the surgery, you need to terminate intake of certain supplements. Some of the supplements may result in adverse reactions during and after the surgery, for example, prolonged bleeding, cardiovascular disturbances and interfere with the anesthesia. Examples of such supplements are fish oil caps, ginger, garlic, vitamin E, just to mention a few. Other supplements should be taken, for example, Bromelain from pineapple believed to reduce inflammation and pain after surgery. Consult your nose surgery orange county surgeon, he will tell you which supplements to discontinue and for how long.



Drink enough water so that your body is well hydrated. Water will also cleanse your body. Fluid intake is reduced on the day of surgery so lots of water prior to the big day will help you a lot. Inquire from your surgeon the last time you are to take the water before the surgery. Also, you may need a natural stool softener because of the constipation days after the surgery. You can take a few prunes daily before and after the surgery.



Avoid taking aspirin or products that contain aspirin. This is because aspirin is an anticoagulant, thins the blood, and can cause one to bleed during the surgery. Do not take aspirin two weeks before the surgery or as recommended by your newport beach rhinoplasty surgeon. Other than aspirin, do not take alcohol seventy-two hours before or after the surgery because it suppresses the immune system.  Smoking is also prohibited two weeks before and after the surgery because causes less oxygen to be supplied to the cells of the body, inhibiting healing of the wound.



You also need to relax before and after the surgery. Ensure that you have enough money to take care of the procedure. Friends and family should assist you in other duties and give you he moral support needed.

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